Sunday, 15 April 2012

Emilie Autumn, Manchester, 14.4.12: Picspam, part the second

Us at the venue
Bonus Courtney! (and Adam in the background there I think!)
The routine to '4 O'Clock' was much the same as I remember it from the last EA gig I went to, back in, oh, 2008... with the synchronised doll-like teabag dunking:
I'm a little fuzzy on the setlisting so bear with me, but of course the focus was heavily on EA's new material. Opinions on the internet seem to be sharply divided about the new songs for the F.L.A.G. album, but I have to say I quite like them - Fight Like a Girl, which I believe was the next song, sounded absolutely amazing live, it's definitely my cup of tea (pun very much intended).

We then had The Art of Suicide, which was one of very few songs from the Opheliac album that Emilie performed (none at all from first album Enchant which wasn't a huge surprise). As a live song it is still beautifully haunting, although personally I wasn't one hundred per cent keen on the theatrics that went with it; the Crumpets swaying about with blossoms on branches and stars on a string. For me it distracted from a poignant, melancholic yet cynical song. But perhaps I'm just being fussy.

To be frank with you, I soon stopped taking note of what songs were being played in which order because I was too distracted by the on-stage antics. The show has developed from theatrics to highlight the songs into almost a full-blown burlesque-y type performance, which was one of the main reasons I was so intent on seeing the F.L.A.G. tour after seeing all the hype online.

Emilie picked up her violin only a couple of times at most during this show, for Liar (which, along with God Help Me and the aforementioned Art Of Suicide, were, I believe, the only Opheliac tracks performed), and ended up fencing with Maggot, using her violin bow to defend herself.

We also had the usual Asylum fun of the Crumpets flinging tea and biscuits into the audience. At this point we were at the back, not close enough to get a splattering. I never thought I would be disappointed about not being drenched in someone else's tea...

A highlight of the performance for fans of the estimable Veronica Varlow is her solo fan dance to one of the instrumental tracks.

This also serves the purpose of allowing EA to nip backstage and indulge in a spot of crossdressing for Girls! Girls! Girls!, definitely the bounciest track from the new album but with some lyrics that probably offended a few American grannies watching Fox News the other morning when the Crumpets were on the show...

(to be continued... again!)


VictorianAndroid said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. That hotel looked amazing as well. I always love EA's shows. They're so much fun! I was also surprised to find out they were on my local Fox news the morning of the show, and upset that I didn't find out until the next day lol. :P

Emily said...

Loved reading this! I saw her in Chicago during the US part of her tour. I need to write a post about it. It was so wonderful. I did make a video scrapbook of the event.


Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

Looks like it was an entertaining show and you and your friends looks great. :)

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